MJ’s Sick Golf Bag

When you win 6 rings, why not show them off at every opportunity?

I’ve always wondered what Michael Jordan’s golf bag looks like. You know, since he runs the Bobcats from the 16th green and all. Look at that thing…It reeks of style and awesomeness, doesn’t it? Can we really be surprised that the guy who oversees the coolest clothing line on the planet has a golf bag like this? All Mike is missing is a legit golf game. Sorry, but that one was too easy. Honestly, how is not better at this sport by now? If I had the cash flow, I’d love to hustle him for 18 holes. Anyway, I love the added touch of the Air Jordan XIV at the bottom. You might remember that he wore those in black when he ripped Utah’s heart out for the 2nd year in a row in June of ’98. Ahh memories. I don’t know about you, but that 3rd Bulls ring with the gorgeous red Bulls head on it is my favorite. If I ever get rich doing this shit, you better believe I’m buying authentic replicas of all 6 of those rings. Now, if I could just get the women MJ gets, I’d be in business. And how funny is it that LeBron only needs to buy his golf bags off the rack? Oh, and what do you want to bet that Kobe will see this picture and immediately have a bag made up with his 5 rings on it? It’s a lock, I know.

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