Man Up, D Rose

It’s a shame Derrick Rose stopped listening to his doctors. Until he actually plays in games, he’ll never overcome his mental hurdles.

For someone that is so mentally tough on the basketball court, Derrick Rose sure is acting like a feeble shell of his former self by putting off the final stage of his rehabilitation process from his torn ACL. Here are the facts that not even the biggest D Rose nut huggers can avoid…

The ’11 NBA MVP has been medically cleared to make his “return” for two months, but refuses to play in games.

Rose has treated Bulls team physician Dr. Cole like a two bit jerk-off that got his medical degree in some 8-week online class.

Rose and his team of enablers (That’s you, Reggie Rose and B.J. Armstrong) has convinced one of the best 5 basketball players in the world that he should ignore doctors orders until he feels comfortable and convinced he can walk back on an NBA court and immediately play at a dominant level.

By refusing to play in games and complete his rehab, he is stunting his comeback attempt and won’t mentally feel ready until he goes through and gets over the nervous and timid feelings that every single NBA player has in coming back from an ACL tear.

Instead of just saying he is shutting it down for the season (the Bulls are done trying to do what’s best for him and are allowing him to forge his own path of stupidity), Rose keeps tantalizing  fans and suckholes in the media into thinking he might actually come back this season (He’s not, but nobody listens).

By not taking control of the situation, Rose has allowed everyone with a pulse to speculate that Adidas or his family is behind him refusing to listen to a team and the doctors that only want what’s best for him and his career.

And most of all, Rose is making himself look like a coward by hiding behind “Only God knows,” “It’s in God’s hands” and “Just waiting, just praying about it” quotes that should irritate any Bulls fan that understands how ACL recoveries have to happen.

Rose is acting like a mindless child that is petrified to do what the doctors tell him is standard protocol. And by invoking God (as if any God gives a shit about his comeback), Rose is pushing off ownership of this decision and showing his immaturity.

Look, I was all for Rose sitting out the season if there was any hesitation on his or the team’s part. But when the team let it be known that their franchise star stopped listening to the Dr. that restructured his knee, it was obvious he was ready to return.

This isn’t about bringing Rose back to try and carry an injured group of misfits to the conference finals. No. This is about a guy who is absolutely healthy enough to play simply refusing because he’s waiting to magically wake up one day and feel as good as he did during his MVP season.

Is Rose this mentally weak that he’s afraid to come back and not be himself right away? Um, Derrick… Nobody will say a word if you aren’t the same player initially. No player off an ACL tear is the same right away. But until you play, you’ll have those lingering doubts no matter how intense your summer workouts will be.

And if Rose is letting his brother and a bitter B.J. Armstrong guide him to ignore people that are in charge of making these types of decisions (and ones that get paid a shitload of money to do so), then that tells you all you need to know about how mentally fragile he is.

This is on you, Derrick. You’re the one that has to realize the Bulls aren’t pushing you to sell playoff tickets. And if you think anyone that doubts your desire to get back on the court is against you now, just wait until you’re still having the mental hurdles at the beginning of next season. You better not utter a word or else you’ll face heat far more difficult than any stage of this rehab process.

Man up, D Rose. Your knee isn’t at any more of a risk now than it will be in November. You’re supposed to feel discomfort and pain when you return. If you don’t believe this schmuck, just ask anyone that’s had this injury.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an extra kick in the ass, take a look at what Jerry Rice went through in ’97. The NFL’s greatest player ruptured his knee in week one and made it back for a week 16 Monday night game when Joe Montana’s jersey was retired. Was it slightly insane for Rice to come back (he ended up fracturing his kneecap on a TD catch) so soon? Of course.

The point is, Rice couldn’t stomach not doing what he was born to do. His love for the game drove him back just like Michael Jordan’s love for hoops pushed him back from a broken foot in ’86. Rice cut his cast off at the team facility because it was driving him crazy. Those two faced risks in re-injuring themselves that doctors are telling you that you don’t face now. But you don’t face any risks at this stage, Derrick. All that’s left for you to do is… Repeat after me… Play in games!

So if you claim you’d “die on the court,” you might as well get back on it and do your job. If you don’t, you’re only making yourself look like the diva athletes you’ve long despised.

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