what’s up everybody it’s the crazy beastthat’s right I just got done watching one hell of a matchup we had the Yankeesand the Cleveland Indians they had a 2-2 game series tie by the best ofthe five games they had to play one more game to find out who was gonna move onup to play the Houston Astros the Cleveland Indians did take a loss theNew York Yankees moved on up last night game was 5-2 and the Yankees werelooking pretty good so they get to move on up to the next big series the big boyseries the best of seven games going to face the Houston Astros which I believeare on stoppable this year yes they went to Boston 3-1 one series I still seeHouston Astros beat in the New York Yankees out of the best-of-seven andwaiting to find out who they’re gonna play for the World Series big boys gameso early prediction Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees best seven if itgoes seven games 4-3 Houston Yankees okay that’s early prediction I don’tknow what the times and the stats are gonna be yet but that’s my earlyprediction now we don’t know who’s going to be faced in LA Dodgers yet that ourWow they took out the Arizona DiamondbacksI haven’t see that happening I was thinking it was going to be a more of aclose like the Boston 3-1 maybe a 3-2 series but the LA Dodgers were noalright I’m gonna play around they took out Arizona Diamondbacks 3 -0games Wow LA Dodgers looking pretty good that’sright now we have one more game on the best of the fine I’ve got the Cubs andthe Washington Nationals are tied series 2 to 2 because we know they had a raincancel of the game so we’re waiting on that last game we don’t know exactly orI don’t know it’s TBA announced I think it’s going to betoday the 12th of October but I don’t know for sure I see this outcome righthere I really wanted to pull for the Cubs because I thought that’d be reallycool if they were in it again but I see Washington Nationals winning this gameover the Cubs for the last game of the series it will be a 2 of course the 3and they’re going to move on up to go play the LA Dodgers now they’re gonnaplay 7 games if you’re go to games which I really don’t see it going 7 games whenthese two match up they’re both good teams but who do I think is a betterteam this year the LA Dodgers I see this series being about a 4 to 1 series canthat happen for one yeah we can LA Dodgers are a really good team this yearI’m not throwing it the Washington Nationals under the bus but I’d besurprised especially they got some crazy pitching stuff going on with illnessesand stuff which suck at this time here you want the best out of the best youwant all the players to be out there trying their best but that’s what I seeI see that when I got here space in the Houston Astros and the World Series babyin the best is seven after all this happens well let me know your commentsbelow we’ll keep a eye on these games a lot closer because we got some greatgreat games we have five teams left after this game right here we’re goingto have four teams left and then it goes down to two whoo boy I cannot wait letme know in the comments below like I said sorry it’s early am for me I stayedup really really late watching that game with the Yankees and Cleveland had to take a shower brew a pot of coffee toget this out to you so sorry it was a little and but you know what thathappens it’s human nature isn’t it that’s right New York Yankees playHouston Astros series best out of seven my prediction like I said 4-3believe that the Washington Nationals are going to beat the Cubs they’re goingto move on to play the LA Dodgers LA Dodgers are going to be rested andwaiting and they’re going to win that series for out one and that’s going tobe my World Series matchup but we gotta keep a close eye on it oh I had a greatday great weekend and Wow how do you like my orange I’m gettingready for some hunting season and I look like a giant pumpkin beast out ofhere MLB Playoffs picks and predictions for world series 2017 MLB and MLB playoff picks.