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Typical Selig Idiocy

Can't we just go ahead and make Sarah Jessica Parker the commission of Major League Baseball? I mean, could it be any worse?

Hey, did you hear? The Major League Baseball season started in Japan early Wednesday morning. I know, I had no idea either. You shouldn’t feel like less of a baseball fan, however. The first pitch of the Mariners and A’s was at 5:10 am Central. I’m not great at the whole time zone thing, but that has to mean that fans on the left coast would have had to get up at 3 in the morning to see their team jump start the season nearly a week before anyone else in the sport (The Mariners won in 11 innings, in case you moderately care). Only Bud Selig could be in charge of such a debacle. Why are two teams starting 6 days before anyone else, again? I know you’re deaf, Bud, so I can repeat the question.

Seriously, is there anything this bumbling imbecile can’t fuck up? I’m actually looking forward to the next thing he does that proves again why he’s the worst commissioner in sports. His mishandling of the sport is like a Louis C.K. stand-up for me. And even if your drooling in excitement for baseball Cassius Clay style, you still would have been forced to watch this game on tape delay three hours later on MLB Network. Can you retire, Bud? I’m not kidding, go away.

This is the kind of amateur hour bullshit move that should be saved for Arena League football or Nascar (sorry, white trash, but you need to get over it. Your “sport” is a nap inducing disaster). I know this was common place in the NBA in the late 70′s, but the league was littered with coke abusing bums at the time. Larry & Magic weren’t around yet to take the sport out of the abyss.

Even though I spend most days in a haze, this is still 2012, right?

What could Bud’s reasoning for this be? Oh that’s right, it’s because he’s still stuck in the 70′s. Selig has absolutely no clue about what his fans want in the social media age that we live in. He is out of touch, clueless and bad for the game. Bud should use his “best interests of the game clause” on himself as a way to remove his existence from the sport.

Selig’s decision to play the opening game of the season in Japan isn’t the biggest issue with fans. What he’s failing to realize is that most sports fans didn’t know or care that the season was starting Wednesday morning. Imagine if the NFL showed the Cowboys-Giants 2012 kickoff game on tape delay? People would be lining outside the NFL offices in New York wanting to slice Roger Goodell’s head off. As much as David Stern is losing his touch, he’d not dumb enough to do something this ridiculous. The start of the season should be celebrated, not mocked and ignored.

But it’s cool, Thursday’s game is being showed live at 5 am in case you want to catch the atrocious A’s before you start your day. Enjoy that. I have an idea… Once the A’s and Mariners return to U.S. soil, let’s deport Bud’s decaying carcass overseas along with his winner of the all-star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series idea. Would any baseball fan mind? I didn’t think so.


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2 Responses to “Typical Selig Idiocy”

  1. drunkenjunk says:

    hey don’t worry man, you got that new shittastic playoff format to look forward to. I hate the idea of a 1 game playoff in baseball unless its a tie breaker. I didn’t know the season started until I was driving to work and thought espn radio was doing a replay of something from last year.

  2. LKR says:

    HAHA, don’t even get me going on the new playoff format. I agree, a tiebreaker is the only way a playoff should happen. They continue to minimize the importance of 162 games. It’s a joke.

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