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Monday October 24th 2016

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More Bulls Draft Silliness

More Bulls Draft Silliness

What do ya know, the Bulls used the NBA draft to acquire an overachieving four-year college player that's limited athletically and stayed four years in college because he wasn't good enough to be a lottery pick after his junior season. Yep, the Bulls got their kind of guy alright. A limited athlete with a big heart and someone that will be locked [...]

Hawks Still In A Prime Spot

Hawks Still In A Prime Spot

When your organization's motto is One Goal, it's easy for fans to be enraged, frustrated, miserable and letdown after a crushing game 7 overtime loss at home in the conference finals. Any Blackhawks fan has the right to feel however they want after their team's exit to an insanely good L.A. Kings team. However you're feeling after seeing every [...]

Bulls Summer Preview

Bulls Summer Preview

If you've been waiting on the Bulls front office to finally move on from their beloved try hard core, you're about to get your wish. The summer of 2014 has been a pivotal point in the construction of the recent Bulls rosters, and Derrick Rose's 2nd major knee injury forced the issue with the sit on their ass group led by Gar, Pax & the money [...]

Bulls Draft Preview

Bulls Draft Preview

With the NBA Draft approaching, it's easy for Bulls fans to wonder what could have been. You know, if the front office doubled up on their aggression of the Luol Deng financial freedom trade & did all they could to ensure this year's team could have gotten into the lottery in what could prove to be the best draft since '03. If GarPax had the [...]

8 More

8 More

A couple of random Blackhawks thoughts as the best team in Chicago (and sports) prepares for yet another trip to the Western Conference Finals... Sure, some people were, and still are ,offended or annoyed that Patrick Kane likes to yell "Showtime" whenever he adds to his highlight reel. I get it, Kaner's antics don't fit the "old time hockey" [...]

2015 NFL Draft Big Board

2015 NFL Draft Big Board

If you have post NFL draft anxiety, you aren't alone. With the draft being pushed back to May this year, there was extra time for draft geeks like myself to digest as much information as possible from the time the Super Bowl beatdown was over. If you like studying tape, learning about prospects' stories off the field, ranking players at every [...]

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