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Thursday April 24th 2014

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Bulls Could Target Stephenson

Bulls Could Target Stephenson

Whether LeBron James plays or not, the Heat showed the Bulls, again, just how far away they actually are from competing at a championship level in a 93-79 smack down in Miami. The loss gave every Bulls fan another opportunity to start the countdown to the summer when Carlos Boozer will hopefully be amnestied and a legitimate chance finally arrives [...]

Franchise Tag Primer

Franchise Tag Primer

There's seemingly always a NFL related date on the calender, and there's a massive one on Michael Jordan's birthday. That is the first day NFL teams can place the franchise tag on one of their potential free agents. Teams have until March 3rd to decide to use the tag or not, and it's not known just how many will receive the one-year guaranteed sum [...]

Top QB’s In The ’14 Draft

Top QB’s In The ’14 Draft

Simply put, it is the most important position in all of sports. If an NFL team doesn't have it's quarterback of the present and/or future, they're basically dead on arrival before the season starts. That's why teams scramble and compete like maniacs to find the right player, and person, to lead their franchise. Nobody gets more credit when your [...]

Top Running Backs In The ’14 Draft

Top Running Backs In The ’14 Draft

With the NFL doing everything in their power to create as many 45-41 games as possible, the value of running backs has never been lower for many teams throughout in the league. But don't tell that to the Seahawks, 49ers, the Packers with Eddie Lacy, the Vikes with A.P., the Chiefs with Jamaal or the Eagles with Shady McCoy. Even though the rule [...]

Top Tight Ends In The ’14 Draft

Top Tight Ends In The ’14 Draft

The tight end position in today's NFL has evolved to a point where you better have a dynamic threat in the passing game or your offense won't likely fully function against the top defenses in the game. Gone are the days of tight ends staying in to help offensive tackles block. If you aren't a reliable target in the passing game, your value [...]

Top Wide Receivers In The ’14 Draft

Top Wide Receivers In The ’14 Draft

Even though the Seahawks proved that dominant defenses can still lead a team to a Super Bowl championship, the NFL is driven by offense, especially in the regular season. The suits that run this league want points, big plays and more points. You can blame the fantasy football insanity for a lot of this. If you want to have a truly dynamic and [...]

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Top Linebackers In The ’14 Draft

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Top D-Tackles In The ’14 Draft

After watching The Seahawks defense completely dominate and embarrass (yes, Peyton, that was an embarrassment) the Broncos in the Super Bowl, it proved once again that it's easier to keep a top flight defense rolling into the playoffs than it is a high powered offense. [Read More]

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