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Wednesday July 30th 2014

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A couple of random Blackhawks thoughts as the best team in Chicago (and sports) prepares for yet another trip to the Western Conference Finals... Sure, some people were, and still are ,offended or annoyed that Patrick Kane likes to yell "Showtime" whenever he adds to his highlight reel. I get it, Kaner's antics don't fit the "old time hockey" [...]

2015 NFL Draft Big Board

2015 NFL Draft Big Board

If you have post NFL draft anxiety, you aren't alone. With the draft being pushed back to May this year, there was extra time for draft geeks like myself to digest as much information as possible from the time the Super Bowl beatdown was over. If you like studying tape, learning about prospects' stories off the field, ranking players at every [...]

A Pivotal Playoff Exit

A Pivotal Playoff Exit

Before I get started, let's address the news of the day... No, I don't put any stock into the Lakers' rumored interest of Tom Thibodeau. Would they like to hire the 2nd best coach in basketball? Of course they would. Who wouldn't besides the Spurs? The fact that Kobe Bryant wants the Lakers to make a play for Thibs isn't surprising. Bryant is an [...]

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12 More

It took virtually 6 full games in the opening round of the NHL playoffs, but the Blackhawks found their game in the final 20 minutes of game 6 to mercifully send the Blues to the golf course. 4 down, 12 to go for a team that can only be judged by whether or not they're hoisting a Stanley Cup in June. Nothing else matters, and they know it. In the [...]

NFL Draft Positional Rankings

NFL Draft Positional Rankings

If you're baffled and annoyed with all of the nonsensical bullshit that's circulating throughout the NFL right now, you aren't alone. It's bad enough that the league decided to push the draft until May, but by doing that, they also forced draft geeks like myself to have to put up with more verbal diarrhea than ever before. Honestly, have you ever [...]

Remembering The Ultimate Warrior

Remembering The Ultimate Warrior

Fresh off his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania XXX, the Ultimate Warrior appeared on Raw for the first time since 1996 and cut a promo which basically ended being his eulogy. For his Hall of Fame speech, the Warrior was real, passionate and sensitive. He was in full Jim Hellwig mode as he took his rightful place [...]

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